Official Rules for the 2018 Christmas Charity Cocktail at Restaurante Maestral






Every year since 2013, the Vectalia Group has sponsored a charity event at Restaurante Maestral.  This event attracts a wide representation of Alicante’s civic society and aims to support the work of Alicante’s social entities that dedicate their efforts towards helping the people who need it the most, through the social projects carried out by them.

Each guest at the event will make a donation that Vectalia will give in its entirety to the non-profit or non-governmental organization, selected by an Evaluation Committee, that develops its projects in this area in the province of Alicante.  In past edition, the proceeds from this event went to Caritas, the Red Cross, APSA, Caritas’ Project Veritas and COCEMFE Alicante.

Once again this year, Vectalia is hosting a “CHARITY COCKTAIL TO WELCOME THE 2018 CHRISTMAS SEASON AT RESTAURANTE MAESTRAL, open to Social Projects according to these Rules, which are published on the website.  For the second time, an Evaluation Committee will be constituted, as described in these rules, which will determine the recipient of these donations.


This year’s charity event consists of a cocktail held at Restaurante Maestral on Monday, 3rd December 2018, starting at 8:00 pm. Each attendee at the event will donate a minimum of 20 euros.  Individuals, institutions or companies unable to attend the event may still make a donation to this fundraiser. The total amount of funds raised will be given to the entity chosen by the Evaluation Committee.  This entity will be responsible for emitting invoices or receipts for those attending who require them.

The objective of the event is to provide economic means for the social project selected by the Committee, and give visibility to the beneficiary’s social objectives, through the presentation or distribution of promotional material regarding its social activity.

For this purpose, an Evaluation Committee will be constituted which will select the project that best meets the criteria established in these rules.


This event is promoted and organized by CORPORACION EMPRESARIAL VECTALIA S.A., parent company of the Vectalia Group, with registered address at Avda. Denia, 155 and Tax Identification number (NIF) A03002094, through its Corporate Responsibility Department. 


Any legally constituted, nonprofit entity, organisation or association may present their candidature for this event provided that its application justifies fulfillment of the following requisites:

  1. a) Registration in the corresponding official registry.  In this sense, the entity must be subject to Law 49/2002 of 23rd December, regarding the tax regulations of nonprofit entities in accordance with the Associations Statute established by Organic Law 1/2002, of 22nd March, regulating the Right to Association, or nonprofit entities, constituted in accordance with Law 50/2002, of 26th December, on Foundations.
  2. b) The entity must be aimed at the promotion of activities of a social nature, and accredit their activity with objectives, completed projects, projects in-progress and experience.
  3. c) The entity must have a registered address in the province of Alicante.
  4. d) The entity must be up-to-date with its legal, tax and employment-related obligations.

The activities and projects presented must be directed toward activities of a social nature, in aspects such as assistance for the disabled, assistance for individuals experiencing or at risk for social exclusion, access to healthcare and education or activities of a similar nature.

The funds collected will be allocated entirely to the execution of the proposed project in 2019, with no commitment to continue collaboration with the beneficiary in subsequent years, nor may the beneficiary present another candidacy within a period of three years after the event.


The period for the admission of candidates will begin on the date of publication of the rules at “” and will end on Friday, 2nd November at 3:00 pm. Candidates received after this day will not be accepted.

Only one candidacy will be accepted per entity.

The following documentation must be presented:

I. Presentation of an annual report for the Entity or any other document that accredits the fulfillment of the requisites established in point 4 of these rules, as well as express acceptance of all of the aspects defined in these rules.

II. Specific project proposal to which the funds will be allocated, with its corresponding budget, which must include the following epigraphs:

  1. -Justification of need and social opportunity
  2. -Project viability
  3. -Beneficiary profile
  4. -Location
  5. -Activities developed: description and calendar
  6. -Assessment of fulfillment of the designated objectives
  7. -Necessary resources: detailed budget, with a description of the key elements for project sustainability

The candidates must also give express consent to the company promoting the event to share and distribute information about the project in its promotional or marketing activities.

The Evaluation Committee will evaluate the candidacies based on the projects as a whole, using criteria in line with the philosophy of each entity and the social interests pursued.

All required documentation must be sent to the Department of Social Corporate Responsibility of the Vectalia Group, by electronic mail to, with the following subject line: BIENVENIDA A LA NAVIDAD BASES 2018.

All documentation must be submitted electronically.



The candidacies received will be analyzed by an Evaluation Committee, formed by a group of individuals of recognized standing who, after deliberation and voting, will give their decision regarding the winning project.

The 2018 Evaluation Committee will be formed by the following individuals:

  • – The Mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala
  • – The Vice-president of the Valencian Autonomous Government and Minister of Equality and Inclusive Policies, Mónica Oltra
  • – Rector of the University of Alicante, Manuel Palomar
  • – Content manager of the EPI Group, Juan Ramón Gil
  • – A representative from the association selected the previous year.  On this occasion, it will be Antonio Ruescas, a representative from COCEMFE
  • – Chief Executive Officer of The Vectalia Group, Antonio Arias

During the Committee’s deliberations, Antonio Arias will act as president and Ezequiel Moltó, Director of Communications and Institutional Relations at Vectalia, will act as secretary and will attend the meetings but will not participate in the voting.

In the event that a member of the Committee is unable to attend any of the deliberation meetings and voting for the projects, he or she may designate a replacement, who must also be a member of the same organization.

The candidate selected will be the candidate that receives the greatest number of votes among all of the proposals at the voting session. In the event of a tie, the final decision will be made by the President, who will have the casting vote.

The Committee’s decision may not be disputed and will be published on the website, as well as in means of communications and social networks prior to celebration of the event. 


The proceeds awarded will be the total amount raised during the charity event, from the donations made by the attendees at the “COCKTAIL TO WELCOME THE 2018 CHRISTMAS SEASON” organised by the Vectalia Group at Restaurante Maestral, as well as any donations made by individuals or entities that were unable to attend the event.

The entity chosen must present a detailed report to the promoter of the event, Corporación Empresarial Vectalia, S.A. that describes the how the funds were used and the results obtained in relation to the project or activity during 2019.  In the event that this entity does not fulfill any of the requirements established in these rules or uses these funds in an inadequate or inappropriate manner, the event promoter reserves the right to withdraw the privileges associated with this Event.


The personal data provided during the evaluation of the candidates will not be incorporated into any file, and shall only be used for the purpose of processing the organization’s participation in the above mentioned Event and presentation of the proceeds.

The personal data associated with the accreditation requests for the presentation of the donations are the exclusive responsibility of the entity selected to receive the funds.