Corporate Social Responsibility

Nuestra política de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

Vectalia is the sum of the history of the more than 43 companies that form the group, each with its own distinguishing traits but always driven by the same common values: a service culture, loyalty and honesty, rigor and professionalism; creativity and an innovative spirit, respect for the environment and the use of new technologies to make people's lives easier.

With these values as a fundamen...

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Commitment to the Community

Sponsorships and social actions: Vectalia’s vision makes us conscious of the role that we can play toward contributing to the development of society through our activity, creating employment, generating economic benefits for our environment, and investing part of our profits and knowledge in the search for solutions to the social and environmental challenges in our society....

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Institutional Commitment

Our investment in education, culture and integration is one of the hallmarks of the Vectalia Group and our corporate social responsibility policy is focused on this investment....

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Commitment to the Environment

We are witnessing a progressive change in our employees’ attitude and way of thinking. Today we are more aware of the impact that this has. We live day to day searching for and sharing practices that make us more efficient and more responsible. It’s almost become a habit for us to think…What would happen if we did it a different way?...

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Commitment to Customers

Our business activities offer a wide variety of services for companies and people, and this business concept is based on a close collaboration with customers throughout the process....

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Commitment to our Employees

At Vectalia, we don’t only work from day to day to cover job positions: we want to work with unique people that share our values. We know that we need people that continue to experience professional success which translates into company success. And we do so by respecting diversity, providing equal opportunities and developing talent....

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Commitment to Our Service Providers

Vectalia construye relaciones a largo plazo con los proveedores que comparten los mismos valores y que quieren crecer y desarrollarse con nosotros. Entre esos valores y principios se incluye el compromiso con las personas y el medio ambiente....

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