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Vectalia is the sum of the history of the more than 43 companies that form the group, each with its own distinguishing traits but always driven by the same common values: a service culture, loyalty and honesty, rigor and professionalism; creativity and an innovative spirit, respect for the environment and the use of new technologies to make people's lives easier.

With these values as a fundamental pillar, we seek to contribute actively and voluntarily toward social, economic and environmental improvement.  This has led us to collaborate on different projects with the following institutions, associations and foundations:

So, where is the Social Corporate Responsibility of the Vectalia Group heading? We still have several challenges ahead of us, such as:

  • Volunteer work and the creation of a time bank

  • Measurement of client satisfaction with Mystery Shopping

  • Code of conduct for service providers and suppliers

  • Closer relationships with groups promoting Accessibility for All

  • Continue the search for excellence in talent

  • Family Responsible Company Certificate (EFR)

  • Creation of a club for Vectalia employee benefits

  • "Healthy Employment" Project

  • Energy saving plan

  • Promote collaboration with different associations and NGOs

En Vectalia tenemos cuatro compromisos fundamentales:
Commitment to the Community

  • Sponsorship and Social Actions
The greatest contribution we can make to society happens when the initiatives and projects we support are tightly linked to our business of providing mobility and services.  Therefore, we focus on projects that place value on what we do and what we do best.  These projects have led us to collaborate on numerous occasions with more than 20 NGOs:  

Institutional Commitment


  • Collaboration agreements: We care about workforce integration and the practice of sport among Spanish students. For this reason, we offer training programs and internships at a number of Spanish universities and collaborate with their sports teams.
  • Projects associated with Spanish universities that promote the study of Mobility and Enotourism.
  • Projects dedicated to the integration and accessibility to public transport for the physically disabled or mentally ill.
  • Support for local traditions in the cities that are home to Vectalia as a token of our social commitment.
  • Promotion and patronage of culture through active participation in the programming of different scenarios and institutions.
These principles have led us to collaborate with more than 35 institutions:

Commitment to the Environment

  • Sustainable action plans in upcoming years
Once again, the values we share make our employees the best ambassadors.  To lead by example is still the best way to achieve good results. To act with sustainable principles is the best way to put the values we wish to achieve into practice.
  • Sustainability at Vectalia
To be a leader also means to offer and inspire our clients profitable solutions for implementing their companies in the most sustainable way, as well as develop our activity in the most efficient manner with the least environmental and economic impact. Our challenge is to make our services increasingly efficient, integrating more sustainable solutions, but also to find technically and economically viable solutions.  Today it is the standard for all of our clients at Vectalia. Sustainability is one of the pillars of our strategy and, until 2020, we aspire to integrate sustainability into all of our business units, which means that all of the strategies and action plans must clearly and systematically include objectives and projects in this area. Our next challenge is to take the advantage of the opportunity to encourage the million travelers that we mobilize with our buses to live in the most sustainable way possible.  To inspire them with solutions, advice and services to save energy, reduce CO2 and more efficiently manage urban transport services.  It is easier than it seems.  Good for our clients, good for the planet.

Commitment to Customers

We must make a constant effort to exceed our customers' expectations at Vectalia: our commitment to customers is our strategic focus in each decision we make and each job with which we are entrusted. At Vectalia, we attend to thousands of customer demands daily. Coordination and planning make it possible for us to increase their levels of satisfaction, allowing us to continue to gain new customers over time. At Vectalia, we work with thousands of people every day, which is why we always put ourselves in our customers' place, to inspire us and improve our company. At Vectalia, we receive and provide solutions, products and ideas thanks to the experience, imagination, innovation and, above all, our knowledge of our customers' true needs. We invite and involve our customers to help us acquire more responsible habits in our services, as it will be a key factor toward achieving a more sustainable future.      

Commitment to our Employees

  • The people at Vectalia
Our concept of human resources is "the people that move us are the people that work for us".  Therefore, our human value and commitment is to offer the possibility of growth for our employees, both personal and professional, to create a better day to day for us and our customers". At Vectalia, we don't want to work day to day to cover job positions: we want to work with unique individuals that share our values.  We know that we need people that can continue to achieve personal success, which mean success for our company, and we do it with respect for diversity, equal opportunities and the development of talent. We believe that the people who work with us are a reflection of the society in which we live, our customer's society.  For this reason, we choose people that understand the expectations of our customers, identify with our ideas and values, and who are also willing to work to make them a reality. Vectalia has a management system driven by objectives, directed toward cascading goals.  This can be seen from the definition of company objectives to the contribution of each position in the company. By owning these defined objectives, implication and achievements are maximized. We adhere to Management by Competencies policies, where CORE and specific competencies are measured.  First, we measure those of the employee and then, those of the manager.  The gaps are identified, and this is where our Training and Development Policy enters into place. We ensure TRANSPARENCY, sharing the maximum amount of information possible with the team, so that it may focus on its areas of improvement, with the guidance and support of its management.  
  • Prevention of occupational risks
The vision of creating a better day to day for our employees includes the improvement of work conditions and the creation of safe and healthy work spaces in order to achieve a high level of safety and health in the workplace. In addition to a Prevention Service in the Technical Department, we have incorporated a position that is "responsible for the prevention of occupational risks" in each of the Service and Transport Divisions at Vectalia. It is a basic figure for the integration of this prevention as it, drives communication and awareness in the area of prevention, training and "in situ" teaching of employees, applying prevention policies and periodically revising the conditions of safety and health for each job position.  
  • A new policy for the prevention of occupational risks with the following objectives
  1. Minimization of the number of accidents
  2. Integration of prevention principles in all processes and activities
  3. Creation and maintenance of an authentic culture of prevention that ensures:
    • Participation and commitment with prevention on all levels
    • Efficient communication that motivates employees to carry out their functions in a safe manner
    • A recognition system for employees to promote and make this prevention culture a reality
The main risks that we encounter are those derived from the manual handling of loads, injuries from the manual handling of objects, falls, and accidents to and from the workplace. Throughout this last year, we have been able to reduce the accident rate at our offices and work centers, recording a positive tendency in the last four years thanks to the measures put into place. We have designed a three-year ergonomic improvement plan based on job function and accident analysis.  This plan contains measures divided into the following five areas: training, technical improvements, organizational measures, communication and awareness. This plan will be implemented over upcoming years.  

Commitment to Our Service Providers

  • Vectalia's service providers
We commit to motivating and supporting our service providers to make them more responsible and independent, encouraging them to continue to support increasingly responsible policies and practices in the future without the need for Vectalia's presence and monitoring. On a global level, Vectalia relies on more than 1,000 providers of services and products distributed in Spain and France and throughout countries in the rest of the world, which produce products or provide services for Vectalia. However, Vectalia Services buys the indirect goods necessary for its daily activity (cleaning products, paper goods, etc...) from national or local service providers.
  • Conduct code for our service providers
The first condition required by Vectalia from all of its service providers is respect for the company's conduct code.  This code includes everything we expect from our service providers in terms of labor, social and environmental policies, as well as what service providers can expect of us. In upcoming years, the conduct code and its management system will be implemented for all of Vectalia's service providers. The signing of the conduct code by a service provider requires auditing, at least every two years, to verify fulfillment of the code.  These audits will be performed by specialists from the Purchasing Offices of the Vectalia Group and also by independent auditors.
  • Safe and healthy work environment.  Accident insurance, individual protection equipment, safety and health training in the workplace.  Fire prevention and evacuation plans.  Air quality, noise control and hygiene in the facilities
  • Rejection of discrimination by age, sex, nationality and/or race
  • Responsible for waste and air emission and noise management.  Energy and water consumption.  Dumping (soil and water).  Handling and treatment of chemical products.

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