cátedra vectalia universidad

Vectalia Chair

One of the pillars of Vectalia's philosophy is collaboration with the academic world, as we search for more specialized knowledge about our areas of work. Vectalia Curriculum is the result of this collaboration.

Vectalia Mobility Chair

One of the programs at Vectalia is the Vectalia Mobility Chair. Affiliated with the University of Alicante, the program was started in 2015 as the result of the growing interest of companies, professionals and researchers in the mobility sector to improve the quality of life in cities. A concern that affects society as a whole and which we are working on to offer a meeting point, place of reflection, debate and research in all areas related to sustainable and safe mobility systems.   The Chair is directed by Professor Javier García Barba, Assistant Director of the Department of Engineering of Roads, Canals and Ports, with the backing and collaboration of the administration of the Advanced Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante. It includes the an annual program of activities including, among others, the organization of Courses and Seminars, the development of Mobility Plans and Studies, Research, the granting of Scholarships for the development of Doctoral or Master's Theses, and any other aspect that may result in the comprehensive improvement of Mobility.  Each December, the Chair Director will prepare a report on the activities' progress and a proposal for the next year's programming, which will be sent to the University of Alicante and Vectalia.  

Casa Cesilia Enotourism Curriculum

The Curriculum director is África Martínez, professor of the Advanced Polytechnic School of Miguel Hernández Universitywhich is affiliated with the Cátedra de Enoturismo (enotourism curriculum) and whose headquarters are located in Orihuela.  It is the first enotourism curriculum created in collaboration with a Spanish university.  The main objectives of this project started in 2016 are training, research, development and the transfer of knowledge in the Enotourism sector.