People move us

What do we do

The Vectalia Group started with the development of its mobility sector, which has grown progressively and sustainably over the last 100 years. Since that first bus that carried passengers between Alicante and Alcoy, the group has incorporated a number of different mobility solutions such as city transport and on-demand transport. Our services are focused on guaranteeing public transport to the people that live in the cities where we operate.  Together with city councils, we offer citizens a simple, economic and sustainable way to get around.  Our buses also work to transport a number of companies, groups and associations to their destinations: trade fairs, congresses, day trips...We are always ready to give our best and offer the best possible services, backed by the latest technologies that we apply using tools such as mobile applications for transport information or the implementation of new alternative systems to facilitate the payment of O.R.A., regulated parking or bus fares via contactless technology.  


Cable car

We design projects for the installation of cable cars as a mobility solution to connect points at different heights


A world of "à la carte" possibilities to travel safely, comfortably and at the best price.


We encourage the start-up of plans that contemplate hybrid energy in different cities

Rail transport

With the subsidiary Vectalia Rail the group aspires to participate in the various tenders that are presented to the market


We collaborate in the development of alternative transport models such as the tram, offering tools to improve the quality of life of the citizens.

We provide effective public transport solutions for a number of city councils and also provide transport service for private companies.

We work to offer the most accessible means of transport for all people; always keeping sustainability in mind as our contribution to the future of the planet.