8.- Pilot Experiences with Electric Buses

Few cities have decided to commit to using city buses that are 100% electrically powered.  The elevated price of electric models and the significant investment that their charging infrastructure may require, dissuades many public decision makers.  According to the ZeEUS Project, only 61 cities in Europe are working towards transforming their municipal parks (with the Dutch, British and Lithuania at the forefront), and electric buses barely reach 1000 cities (including buses in circulation as well as those requested from manufacturers).  In the United States, hardly 200 units have been requested, the majority in the state of California.  And in the rest of the world, only isolated cases veer from the usual pattern.

The electric bus, city transport for the future of cities.

Vectalia is currently conducting a number of tests with manufactures who have greater technological capability and reliability, in different cities and orographies to obtain sufficient information to face any city bus network electrification plan.  We know that it requires a considerable investment by the City Council.  Nevertheless, as we have seen, the environmental and tax benefits justify any investment of this type, and some towns and cities have been brave enough to make a commitment to more sustainable public transport.


If you are considering electric buses as part of your long term plan, we invite you to contact us.  We share one of the goals for the adoption of electric vehicles as part of a strategy to stop climate change.  Vectalia, as mobility experts, can offer strategies combined with clean transport and sustainable urban development policies, which are crucial in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases produced by the transport sector.