Vectalia to manage the public transport of Nador

The group from Alicante provides service to 11 municipalities in the Commonwealth of Grand Nador in the north of Morocco with a population of close to 450,000 inhabitants.

Vectalia, a company from Alicante with extensive experience in mobility and service management has been awarded the public tender Gestion Déléguée du Service de Transport Urbain par autobus du Groupement d’Agglomération du Grand Nador. The management of the city bus service for the metropolitan areas of Grand Nador began on 1st July.

The contract, sought out by other local and foreign companies, has a duration of 10+5 years and provides for the operation of 22 lines (10 existing and 12 new lines) and the operation of 150 buses (80 the first year, 40 the second and 30 the third).

According to sources at Vectalia, which manages transport in several Spanish and French cities, the number of travelers in the first year in Nador is estimated to be around 20 million passengers, increasing to 32.5 million passengers when the network is fully operative in the next ten years.

Vectalia’s service proposal in its first contract in Morocco, provides all of the know-how from its operations in France and Spain, incorporating air conditioning, access ramps for passengers with limited mobility, “step-free” mechanisms for easy access, electronic signs, security cameras with real time connection to headquarters, bus shelters at stops, QR codes and a new website for information about the services.

For the first time in Morocco, a support service in real time will be implemented for all of the lines.  There will be led panels at the stops, ticket vending machines at main stops and buses (EEVs) that conform to European emission standards Euro 5 and Euro 6.

One of the aspects of the new service worth pointing out is the training program for the companies that provided service until now, and which will include instructors from Germany (MAN), Turkey (Isuzu), France (Vectalia) and Morocco (through a collaboration agreement with the Official Training Institute of Taourirt).

We are confident that Vectalia will contribute to the development of an area of Morocco that is so close, physically and culturally, to Spain.