9.- Passenger Counting Systems

Passenger counting systems are an important element for monitoring vehicle occupancy.  They allow us to plan connections better, and take advantage of resources in a more efficient manner, therefore reducing operation costs.  Even though data pertaining to the number of passengers transported can be obtained from the fare collection system, there would be no information regarding the number of people that have exited the vehicles. The passenger counting system gives the driver a complete and structured set of data, providing information about the number of passengers on board one or all of the company vehicles at any given time.

The data obtained can be processed, visualized and analyzed with pre-configured functions or, specific parameters can be defined for data evaluation.

The counting is performed using thermal sensors located above the door.  The sensor can recognize whether the passenger has entered or exited the bus and the system uses the data obtained to count and collect data with respect to vehicle occupancy.

Thanks to this advanced technology, the system is reliable even in less obvious situations. For example, heavy flows of passengers that enter and exit the vehicle at the same time, when two people enter the bus simultaneously, and groups or people that remain under the sensor, while allowing others to pass.