Moviltow is the work cycle module where the concession manager, City Council or any other authorized organization can track the fleet in real time, and manage the assigning of services and requests.

The Moviltow App is available for Android and allows the operator to manage active services and requests for new services.  It also notifies the operator of service requests assigned to his/her equipment and allows them to be executed (for example, removing a vehicle, placing a boot, removing a boot or notification regarding an immobilized vehicle).

These are standard services but they customization is possible.

From the App, it is also possible to generate new services independently without the need for assignation from operational centers.  The operations carried out by the tow operator can be signed electronically using an XML advanced electronic signature, unmistakably identifying the user who performs the service.

The application is divided into different work modules, for greater precision. These modules include:

Work Cycle Module: The work cycle management module enables complete traceability for each service carried out by the tow operators.  In addition, it allows an entire fleet of tow trucks to be managed, assigning priorities to the different services and controlling the location of each truck at all times.

Deposit Management Module: The deposit management model controls the receipt/dispatch of vehicles in the depository.

Teletowing and Documentation Module:  This module allows a service request to be documented online from the mobile app. This allows police officers to accept and generate completely valid complaints from a computer while the tow operator is responsible for sending requests on the street.