1.-Streat Vehicle

Vectalia has designed the first concept bus designed from the customer experience that only a European mobility leader can imagine. STREAT ™, designed in close collaboration with the German design agency
Industrial of the prestigious Andreas Grasmück presents a futuristic vehicle that operates a versatility focused on the smart cities of the future, a hyperconnected user and an immersive technology applied to mobility.
The STREAT ™ has an infinite curve design, elegant, minimalist and fully functional and accessible. Its design resembles a capsule and tries to be the solution for transport in overpopulated areas.

STREAT ™, CLEAN: It is a vehicle that is not only “Zero Emissions” but will clean the air of harmful particles and suspended pollen found in the air during its journey. The air is absorbed by the front intake and will be filtered by a system powered by 100% renewable solar energy located on the roof.

Is it autonomous? Yes, with driving? Yes too.

The idea is that this prototype could circulate in different cities of the world since its modular system allows a configuration with driving in countries that do not have the regulation for autonomous driving.

STREAT ™, TRAM: It has no front or back, can be coupled by electromagnetism with several vehicles to increase the transport of a greater number of people in case a convoy is necessary.

The sides will incorporate translucent screens to transmit messages and information to travelers, also signs are Leds where the line and the destination will be indicated. Self-healing glass using nano-technology.

STREAT ™, SELF-APPEARABLE: Its mechanical and internal parts can be printed with a 3D printer without the need for spare parts storage and saving maintenance costs.

STREAT ™, DELIVERY: “Embedded” lockers The parcels and deliveries in the cities will be made with the STREAT ™ vehicle network, and thus reduce and remove additional vehicles for the distribution of all types of parcels
Light and immediately and refrigerated.
Inside, the seats have been designed as benches, to encourage a comfortable trip and communication between passengers.

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