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Transport to demand

It consists of a system designed for areas with small demand for public transport.

The service is planned in a completely user-oriented way, since it must communicate through telephone and telematic methods (APP, WEB) to reserve its collection.

In other words, the service is not established unless there is a previous demand from it. Thus, this transport service is characterized by having an irregular (based on demand) allowance, being provided by both public and private operators, flexible routing and by being lent by small/medium-sized vehicles, which are collecting and Leaving passengers according to the needs of the users.

It represents, therefore, an adaptation of public bus services to the existing demand, so that no regular lines are established “a priori”, but a network of stops, lines and schedules with the services really demanded.

Where is it useful?

Transport to demand is especially useful for providing public transport services in rural areas or low demand for passengers, where regular passenger service may not be viable (both economically and by the obvious difficulties that have the sparsely dense areas to trace routes that allow everyone to be content.

This includes, providing services for the peri-urban and extra-urban movements of a large municipality or non-existent interurban movements as well as the creation of collecting services that connect large areas with mass media. It is also a service that can be interesting for passengers with reduced mobility.

As we see, it is very attractive for transport services which, being socially necessary, are completely ruinous with the current concessional models. or to provide services between municipalities that are not currently connected by the public transport network.


Choufer is our booking system designed by our innovation team to lend a turnkey tool and with very short start-up times.

The user requests your collection in advance from any computer, or with an application for mobile devices or through our call center.

When you arrive on foot to the nearest collection point you can pay directly with preloaded trips or with the Bonobus, without the need of cash.

This system uses an algorithm that manages in real time the data of all the users and calculates the optimal planning of the route and collection of users to leave to each passengers in their selected destination that they go at that moment in vehicle. Basically, it manages all the requests of origin and destination efficiently, creating the routes and assigning the vehicles to each one of them.

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