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Movilidad Urbana

  • Alicante 
    The TAM agglutinates the service of transport of Viajaeros of the capital Alicante and its environment through Masatusa and Alcoyana. Dede 1969 We are concessionaires of metropolitan transport in the city of Alicante.
    manages a network made up of 165 units of 53 lines serving an average of 65,000 travellers per day and 8 million km/year. Includes modern exploitation aids, APP, web, information-focused panels. From 1999 there is operative the system of metropolitan transport (TAM)
  • Lorca
    We started in 2014 the management of urban transport, coordinating the services of the regular lines. Generating a single transport.
    We started in 2014 the Urban Transport Management coordinating the services of the regular lines. Generating a single transport for this metropolitan area with more than 100,000 inhabitants. Estimated 145,000 travelers per year.
  • Alcoy 
    This emblematic city is embarked on a clear bet towards its Smart City project where we collaborate in the efficient use of the new technologies (efficient conduction management and energy saving of photovoltaic) and a system of help to the Exploitation, new APP and web), optimization in schedules and frequencies, and in the reduction of expenses.
  • Albacete 
    The excellence and high satisfaction don the signs of the urban transport of Albacete that served him to take the company of the Year award granted by the magazine buses and coaches thanks to his management of the service of transport of passengers of the City of Albacete.
    obtained AENOR (2010) The triple certification for quality, safety, occupational health and environment. The urban transport service of Albacete has a modern technological infrastructure very modern
  • Cáceres 
    Since 2011, Subus G.T. manages the city’s urban transport service. Obtaining the new tender of the urban bus service, we also undertake to invest in the renewal of the fleet of vehicles with the highest technology, comfort, security, also the projection of new facilities and an integral improvement of the Service.With the consequent improvements in energy efficiency and also in another series of services, such as accessibility or the incorporation of geolocation systems.
  • Mérida
    Since 2013 Vectalia manages the service of urban buses, the Blue Zone (ORA), the management of withdrawal of vehicles in public thoroughfare (crane) and two parking spaces through its concept integral management of the mobility called Movérida.
  • Moverida is committed to sustainable development by taking as priority measures to control punctuality, to offer a clean fleet and above all, to offer a network well connected with the city. The mission is to be the best way to mobilize around the city.