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Maintenance of facilities

Integral maintenance of facilities

The integral maintenance of the facilities, includes the accomplishment of the tasks of corrective maintenance, conductive, preventive and technical-legal to assure the correct operation and conservation of the installations.

In the conductive maintenance we carry out activities aimed at the management, monitoring and optimization of the daily functioning of the technical facilities of the Centre, during the time that these equipments remain in use.

Preventive maintenance contemplates all the operations necessary to ensure the operation of the installations, performing on the basis of an established plan, to optimize the energy efficiency in each case, guaranteeing the safety of the people , its comfort and the protection of the environment.

For corrective maintenance, Vectalia performs the necessary adjustments, correction and replacement of the deteriorated parts as a result of the breakdowns produced in the installations and equipment, and that are necessary to restore the normal operating conditions.

Technical-legal maintenance is carried out in compliance with the technical and legal requirements in accordance with the regulations in force.