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Pests and gardening


We design, build and maintain all kinds of gardens and green spaces: shopping malls, hospitals, urbanizations, public and private parks, terraces, balconies, interiors, gardens and large green spaces.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in different fields such as the native garden, the Mediterranean garden, etc. We will help you to prepare the garden to your liking, taking into account technical data such as terrain, geography or water movements.

We always guide the idea of doing our work balancing modern aesthetic criteria, utilitarian pragmatism, cleanliness and quality in the realization of our work.

We provide the necessary technical means, as well as the plants and decorative complements among which you can choose the different varieties that we will place in your garden. The result is an aesthetic garden, easy to maintain, durable and sustainable.

Our group has agronomists, biologists, landscapers, and gardeners specialized in different fields such as the autochthonous Garden, the Mediterranean garden, etc.

We will perform all the tasks that your garden needs: sweeping of trees, massifs, lawn, cleaning of vials, grates, tennis, paddle, etc., Entrecavados of massifs and parterres, manual edges with shovel in massifs, seeding of depopulated areas, organic pellets, blankets: supply and extension, repriming with river sand, seasonal flower for more colorful areas, breakdowns or modifications Automatic irrigation, weed removal, seasonal mowing, profiling of shrubs, scarification and/or aerated, preventive/curative fumigations, mineral fertilizers, trimming and profiling of hedges and arizónicas, pruning, logging and restructured of trees, curative fumigations of grass or replacement of dead plant.