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Pests and gardening

Garden Maintenance

In Vectalia we take care of all the tasks of conservation and care of your garden, doing work of plantation, control of weeds, replenishment of plants and ornamentations, etc.

For all our services, in Vectalia we have specialized machinery of the best brands, without prejudice to adapt, to the machinery that the client already has. We use the best materials, fertilizers and land available in the market, guaranteeing the results.

We control among other things the irrigation of your garden according to the station and the rainfall. On many occasions, the gardens are overwatered which is an extra cost to you and unnecessary damage to your garden. We’ll avoid damp, fungus and puddles.

In order to offer an integral service to our clients, we carry out maintenance, cleaning and conservation of swimming pools guaranteeing an optimum level of safety and hygiene, adequate chemical cleaning or routine water control.