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Pests and gardening


The insect is the action of eliminating certain harmful arthropods-mainly insects-by chemical, physical means or with the application of basic sanitation measures. There may be harmful species for agriculture, livestock, for people, etc. Most of these species are insects, although there are also among these arachnid plagues.

In Vectalia we use the necessary techniques to prevent and control the presence of certain species of noxious arthropods in their specific habitat. The methods we use depend on various factors and among them the characteristics of the facilities and species to be treated.

Before starting the treatment, our company studies each case considering the zone of implantation of the plague, the type of insect, its habits and sensibility; The most suitable insecticide and the periodic alternation of the products to avoid the immunities. In addition, we always value the possible risks that the use of insecticides can generate on the population, on the animals and on the environment.