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Maintenance of facilities

Computer Aided Maintenance Management

The maintenances carried out by Vectalia are programmed and recorded in a computer-aided Maintenance Management System (GMAO). This software offers a wide variety of functionalities, depending on the needs of each organization.

The program is composed of several interconnected sections or modules, that allow to execute and to carry out exhaustive control of the habitual tasks in the maintenance departments like:

• Control of incidents, breakdowns, etc., forming a history of each machine or equipment.
• Scheduling of revisions and preventive maintenance tasks: cleaning, lubrication, etc.
• Control of spare parts stocks and refills, known as management or warehouse control.

• Generation and follow-up of “work orders” for maintenance technicians.

The GMAO allows to have a history of each equipment, machine or component, both of technical characteristics, of breakdowns, revisions, substitutions, dates of the last incidents or breakdowns, personnel, hours and materials used in the solution of problems, etc.

At the same time, it allows to program according to the parameters that we decide, the preventive and/or predictive revisions, generating the corresponding listings for the task of the technicians, depending on the programmed deadlines, as well as to manage the orders of Repair equipment outside the usual location, guarantee management, etc.