2.- Beezi Electric commuter bikes

BEEZI ™ is a micro mobility experience of the Electric Bike Solution from VECTALIA group, a global operator of urban, interurban, old-line and micro-mobility mobility, which annually passes more than 50 million displaced travelers between Spain, France and Morocco .

Urban electric bike is the ideal electric vehicle to continue cycling while getting out of trouble. For the city during your trips or holidays to discover the landscape, the urban electric vele will be your best friend. The system is pedal assisted, that is to say that you continue pedaling but with help when you start and ride the longest.
BEEZI ™ Smart: The most remarkable and innovative feature is the incorporation of a system to monitor and locate.

BEEZI ™ Safe: An indispensable monitoring element between vandalism and an uneven recharge for a short induction that allows you to use the vere release and the ancestor on his return for an automatic recharge.

BEEZI ™ City: Thanks to our online software, you can manage the location of bicycles, as well as their breakdowns and incidents. You get support from Vectalia headquarters and receive any necessary training. Easy and intuitive
Join the energy of black and yellow rays! We work in all cities, fully integrate new technologies. Smart City with minimal infrastructure to control and manage the service.

BEEZI ™ to a social manager responsible for the envoy, part of the general sales of the business unit will be allocated under donations to GreenPeace and will contribute to the protection of bees in our cities.