Tools for Planing and Fleet Optimization

Our R+D department together with a company specializing in planning software has developed a telematic management tool that reduces operation costs, and increases efficiency.  Planning based on a telematic system takes all variables into consideration, minimizing the use of resources.  This means that with fleet management software, we are able to reduce unnecessary kilometers, hours worked and the number of vehicles.

Our route optimization software allows us to plan in minutes instead of hours, which is not possible with manual planning.  This time savings means money saved, which is reflected in our cost improvement.  This fleet management program assigns services to the appropriate vehicles with the most efficient sequence in a matter of minutes.  We only have to introduce the service data with the destination address, any restrictions and the services windows and their duration.

On the other hand, it allows us to solely use the vehicles that are necessary for each service, and at the same time it will determine which vehicle is the most efficient for each particular service.

Optimal route management is conditioned by another variable, the ability to react to incidences in real time. Monitoring in real time allows us to know ahead if an incident will occur without having to contact the driver.  Another advantage of this system is that it prepares automatic notifications to inform the customer regarding the state of his or her service.