Operational Support System Upgrading

We have extensive experience and our Operational Support Systems (OSS) provide advanced solutions. This enables us to provide better services for our clients and their passengers, with real-time fleet information.

Our mission is to manage all of the needs of intelligent transport systems, that is, the equipment, on board services and bus stations and stops.

Our operational support systems department develops our business model within an Operational Support System business line, starting with a central system equipped with multiple functions, and divided into modules to serve our clients’ needs.  This central system is then coupled with the on board equipment, bus stations and stops that collect and feed information to the central system.

Monitoring Module: Enables optimization of the client’s fleet and monitoring of the level of compliance with respect to work hours and services offered.

Passenger Information Module: Allows information to be extracted from the basic module to an intermediary system to present information to passengers in different ways such as using panels at stops, panels on board, text messaging, and smartphone and web applications.

On Board Video Surveillance Module

On Board Systems Integration Module (including ticketing)

Transit Signal Priority Module