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Smart Bus Stop


Bus Stop Connected & Safe 2020
Bus stops are increasingly recognized in cities as essential ingredients for successful mobility.

With the intelligent technological advances, the Connected & Safe 2020 ceases to be a simple shelter for the passenger with brief information on the route to become an essential element for the municipalities, offering a sense of security to the citizen. A marquee that not only offers the waiting time, but can also incorporate cameras that can be connected to the emergency services, allowing immediate notice of any incident or offering the possibility of the passenger to contact the next bus.

A multifaceted approach of a leading company in the design of street furniture and an advertising agency was born as the first project the Marquee Connected & Safe 2020.

The functionalities of this marquee mean a clear improvement in the quality of the services of the transport network.

Thanks to this new station concept, the user can:

  • Recharge by ultra-fast induction your mobile with (Touch & Go).
  • See the information of nearby buses and time of steps.
  • Know the weather forecast and air quality.
  • Wifi network.
  • Request assistance using the SOS button.

Technical description:

· 100% Stainless Steel Structure
· STRIP Led Strip 4500 K
· Optional transparent photovoltaic glasses
· Emergency SOS button
· TBK-MD9623 surveillance camera
· Two XMEDIA LITE 18.5 ME screens
· Weather, humidity, pollution and pollen information
· Line information / SAE
· Two KOLBI USB ports
· Induction charger for smartphone MB-FS80B
· Photocell GTB6-4241 – People counter
· Presence detector Luxomat PD3N-1C1-FT
· Advertising on backlit paper
· Pre-installation for SAE label
· Wifi

Download the information on the sheet: Marquesina_Inteligente_Vectalia


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