Alicante uses a novel card payment system in its tourist buses

Contactless payment technology has landed at its destination: the public transport system of Alicante.  The flight consisted of two legs. The first was a demonstration of the system on the Turibus on the 30th in the Plaza Puerta del Mar.  The second took place on the 31st at the Alicante-Elche Airport, where the alternative payment system will be installed in the C6 line buses that connect the airport to the city.

Luis Barcala, the mayor of Alicante, was the first person to use this new method for ticket validation, pointing out that it is “another way in which transport is more accessible for visitors and the citizens of Alicante themselves”.  The General Director of the Department of Public Works, Carlos Domingo, and the Director of the airport, Tomás Melgar, highlighted the user-friendliness of the contactless technology and the increase in the quality of the service with its implementation “making traveling by bus more enjoyable while it increasing safety for the operators and reducing the time required to access the vehicles”, stated Domingo.

Representatives from all three companies collaborating in the implementation of the contactless technology in the Alicante city buses also attended the act: Vectalia, CaixaBank and VISA.

The new contactless banking technology applied will allow the public transport users of Alicante to access the bus by simply placing their bank card, mobile phone or a special bracelet next to the point-of-sale terminal, just like they do with their other daily purchases. Once the card or device has been placed near the reader, the ticket is paid and automatically validated without the need to previously purchase a paper ticket. Direct access to public transport with the contactless system will give the people of Alicante and tourists, who use international bank cards, quicker access to any means of transport without having to carry cash during their trips.

Vectalia, the transport company for the city of Alicante, CaixaBank and Visa have united to meet the demands of public transport passengers in the city.  The objective is to universialize electronic payment via bank card, mobile phone and wearables and, at the same time, increase the quality of the transport service by reducing wait times.  In short, contactless technology aims to guarantee a convenient, easy access and quality service for public transport users.  This service is expected to be available for use on 6th June.